All together for CASP

PRACSIS and all the EURACSIS agencies worked together to promote the CASP activities across the 27 EU Member States.

CASP (Coordinated Activities for the Safety of Products) is an initiative of the European Commission’s DG for Justice and Consumers and the associated contract is managed by an EY – PRACSIS consortium.

A CASP virtual event was organized in July 2020 with a “physical” component taking place in Brussels.

This event presented the achievements of CASP 2019 to EU press and citizens, namely the results of the cooperation between the EU Market Surveillance Authorities from the different Member States and the results of the lab testing of several product categories.

Tested products ranged from soft-filled toys, batteries, and chargers to electric bicycles and scooters.

The joint efforts of the EURACSIS network resulted in more than 300 articles and mentions in medias and social medias in the EU, including those of representative stakeholders like consumers associations.

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